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released January 21, 2012

Recorded by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios



all rights reserved


Mean Man's Dream Massachusetts

Chris O'Coin - Vocals
Matt Swift - Guitar
Therrien Dolby - Bass
Ryan Pitz - Drums

For booking etc. contact meanmansdream@gmail.com

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Track Name: Options
Old ritual
Just a weak dose
No one will know
Just a weak dose
Fear and shame
Bitter the taste
All the same
All the same

Scream no
I'm giving up

I promise you tomorrow will be worse

Do you ever even ask yourself how this will end?
Of course you do
So just keep on asking yourself
You won't get an answer

Until your luck runs out
Until the walls start bearing down
Until the lights go out
Until your blood runs out

There are two options
and I think you know what they are
So spare us the melodrama

Pick yourself up
Track Name: Bother
No one talks about you anymore
They've found someone else to live for
And everything has been swell, oh hell, oh no
Is there anything else that we can talk about
I'll stay calm, yeah, and I'll stay quiet
I swear it, I swear it, I'll keep my mouth shut

I fail
I wait
For one true moment of emptiness
a day that just won't last
a good thing undone

And things will stay the same
Good people die this way
Docile and serene
Placated and pristine
or is it just me

So lets accept the sad truth
I built you up to destroy you

Weak willed and stubborn
Wide eyed motherfucker
Didn't mean to be a bother
Here we are
Yeah here we are
Here we are

I'll keep my mouth shut
I won't say a thing
I'll keep my mouth shut
It's all the same to me
Track Name: Too Late
Not the last time
I promise you
You have no idea
What I'm going through
Isn't this just so amusing
A coward's game is fucking confusing

In the dark come and find me
Eyes wide and fucking smiling
Trying to get some sleep

That never comes
That always taunts me
That has lead me
by the throat
into this nightmare

So I'll tell you a story
I promise it'll be funny
And we'll all be laughing

They won't save you
And no one cares
No ones listening
Until it's too late

It's too late
So late
Track Name: Saviors
Spare us

Sodium Thiopental
Coursing through history
Rally round you motherfuckers
Celebrate your legacy
A blood legacy

Pavulon humane and clean
Brandt and Bouhler's wet dream
T4 logic, short fuses
Old world, new excuses
Never mind what's been lost
Purity at any cost
Peace at any cost
Peace at any cost

Spare us

Cheers erupt from the luxury seats
While the pigs take turns preaching liberty
Stopping only to praise a false sense of safety
And to sell the illusion of safer streets

Tell me what it means to be free
Behind the veil of a killing machine
You bastions of safety
You arbiters of security
And with blood soaked hands
they bless a vicious society
"And if Adolf Hitler flew in today"
He'd be laughing at the irony

You believe
You believe in death
You live for death
Track Name: Spring / Autumn
We invoke the barber's dream
His words echo through occupied streets
All tyrants and their machine hearts
Will seize up and grind to a halt
Spring through Autumn we are rising
And the whole world is watching

Don't give yourselves to
Those who regiment you
Who enslave you
Who despise you
You are not cattle
You are not cattle

From the charred pavement of Sidi Bouzid
To the defiant standing in Zucotti
We invoke the barber's dream
His words echo through occupied streets

We are his dream